Run Private Proxies

One click access to private proxy running anywhere on the planet. Customize your proxy as per your need, pay only when you are using it.

Awesome Features

Easy To Run

Get your private proxy running anywhere on the planet within 5 minutes.

Pay only while using

Per-second billing minimize your bill and you only pay while your are using. No setup fee.

Easy To Customize

Flexible server choice let you choose what suits best for you while minimizing cost.

Multiple Providers

Choose from various cloud providers including AWS, Google Cloud and Azure

Accessible from Anywhere

Access from any number of device including smartphones without any extra charges.

Advance configuration

Use advance configuration to auto start/stop proxies at particular time. Use API to configure proxies in application automatically.

Don't comprise with your privacy

Best Priced Private Proxy

With cloudproxy you have to pay only when you are running the proxy servers. You will get access to the dashboard to track your usages. All this while maintaining your privacy.

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Use Cases


Use Cloudproxy to increase your privacy by browsing web using multiple Geo-locations.

Sales Intelligence

Empower your sales on the next level by understanding who are the best customers for your business with dedicated and high-speed proxies.

Data Scrapping

Scrape anything you want whenever you want, you can scrape potential customers, or the clients of your customers with complete anonymity.

Ad Verification

With ad verification proxies, you can instantly verify your advertiser’s pages and be confident they do not have any malware possession.

Rank Tracking

Cloudproxy helps you keep an eye on all your Google rankings, and makes sure that your SEO strategies are going in the right direction.

Website Testing

Test the content of your website on how it appears virtually from over 100+ countries/cities.

Our Products

Browser Extensions

Coming Soon

Hassle free management and instant switch of proxy inside Chrome, Firefox & Edge

Mobile Application

Coming Soon

Switch Android/iOS device proxy instantly and browse or use app from different Geo-locations


₹199 /mo


    50 hours usage
    100 GB Bandwidth
    1 Gbps Shared Speed
    Recycled IP
    Email Support

₹399 /mo


    100 hours usage
    200 GB Bandwidth
    1 Gbps Shared Speed
    Recycled IP
    Email Support

₹799 /mo


    200 hours usage
    500 GB Bandwidth
    1 Gbps Shared Speed
    Recycled IP
    24/7 Support

₹50 OFF On 1st Purchase

When you register with us and make first purchase use code WELCOME to get ₹50 OFF. This is only applicable on first purchase.

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